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MINEVIK Machinery is a leading and pioneering enterprise with the most advanced international level in R&D, manufacturing and selling of large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

All of our equipment have got ISO international quality system certification, European Union CE certification and Russian GOST certification.

  • In central China-Zhengzhou, covering 140 thousand square meters
  • Win-win cooperation and create more value to customers
  • Exported large quantities and high-end mobile crushing plant and milling equipments to Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Ecuador, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey more than 100 countries .

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AS a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment, we offer including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete stone crushing plant. We also supply individual crushers and mills as well as spare parts of them.


Our goal is to guarantee the excellent operation equipment with high safety for our customers and minimize the downtime of the machine by predictive maintenance. Kefid service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


Minevik service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


striving to enable customers to get the parts in the nearest place.


Our sales market is spread all over more than 100 countries and regions

granular fertilizer crusher

Fertilizer crusher machine | npk crusher | Fine pulverizer

Different fertilizer crusher machines to meet your fertilizer production capacity requirements. Pulverizing is an important step in a powder fertilizer making line. Meanwhile, it plays a key role on the preparation of granulation.

2tons per hour small scale organic fertilizer production

Selection the production processing method: Powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer are two kinds of final products. By contrast, granular organic fertilizer is widely used and more convenient for storage and transportation. And we will give you detailed description about both two types organic fertilizer making.

Fertilizer Crusher | Npk crusher | Organic fertilizer

Compound fertilizer chain crusher. Fertilizer chain crusher is widely used for crushing large granular or lump compound fertilizer. It plays an important role to crush materials before fertilizer granulation in compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer granulation production line.The use of chain crush has simple structure, high production efficiency, less maintenance,

granular crusher, granular crusher Suppliers and

NPK fertilizer granular/pellets pulverizing machine Product Features Cage type crusher is middle size horizontal cage bar crusher and can crush single fertilizers that is less than 6% water, especially harder rigidity material.

Organic fertilizer production process | Powdery & granular

Granular organic fertilizer production. Granular organic fertilizer production process is more complex. Because the granulating process, you may need more machines. And the detailed steps and equipment are as follows. Crushing and mixing: Because granule making has higher standard on organic fertilizer powder, you should guarantee homogeneous

Pellet Production Line For Sale | How to make granular

Generally speaking, making granular fertilizer need the following 7 procedures. They are materials crushing, fermentation process, mixing, granulating, drying and cooling, screening and packing. Therefore, in order to make efficient fertilizer pellets. A complete pellet production line contains the following main facilities: Fertilizer crusher

Easy Operation Fertilizer Chain Crusher

Our easy operation chain crusher is your first-choice crusher machine of raw materials of bio-organic fertilizer production. It is equipped with the advantages of simple structure with high efficiency and low cost, simple operation, rational design,etc.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line, Fertilizer Granulator

Henan Jian Chang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern environmentally-friendly high technology enterprise which collects all the processes (including researching, producing and selling) of the fertilizer production line, such as fertilizer mixer, granulation dryer, screener, packaging machines. We gather many scientific research talents, have a technical team with

Fertilizer coating drum for sale|High-quality rotary

Apart from rotary fertilizer coating drum machine, Tongda also manufacture other fertilizer equipment. For instance, we can produce commercial composting equipment, different types of fertilizer granulators, fertilizer mixer and crusher, fertilizer dryer machine, automatic fertilizer packing scale and so on.

how to make organic fertiliser #organic fertilizer

For powder organic fertilizer production, you need prepare fertilizer turning machine, fertilizer crusher and mixer. If you want to spend less money, you can employ labor to replace fertilizer packaging machine. Powdery organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Get A Free Quote. Granular organic fertilizer manufacturing procss

Fertilizer Granulator Machine | Organic Fertilizer

By using professional fertilizer granule making machine, your composted organic materials can easily become granular fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer for more than 30 years, Tongda has developed different kinds of granulator machines to make high quality fertilizer pellets.

Easy Operation Fertilizer Chain Crusher

Our easy operation chain crusher is your first-choice crusher machine of raw materials of bio-organic fertilizer production. It is equipped with the advantages of simple structure with high efficiency and low cost, simple operation, rational design,etc.

High Performance Granular Fertilizers Production Line

High Performance Granular Fertilizers Production Line Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher – Exceed Detail: Vertical chain crusher is specially designed to crush large fertilizer particles and returning fertilizers with less than 6% moisture content in compost production.Hard fertilizer particles like ammonium and carbamide are also a piece of cake to vertical chain crusher.

small scale organic fertilizer production & small

In general, your organic fertilizer materials usually need fermenting for around one month without the help of compost windrow turner. So, if you want to shorten the period, Tongda fertilizer composting turner is a good choice. Crushing process. This process is an important procedure both in granular fertilizer production and powdery fertilizer

Fertilizer granulation plant Fertilizer Plants

In recently years, there are many people have known the difference between chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer. So most of people choose organic fertilizer as their fertilizer. With this phenomenon, a lot of fertilizer granulation plants have appeared. It’s no doubt that start an organic fertilizer plant will make huge profits. Do you also want to be an organic

Fertilizer granulator machine | npk granulator

Fertilizer granulator machines are usable for making fertilizers granular. You can use it for both organic fertilizer production line and complex fertilizers production line. Shunxin fertilizers equipment manufacturing factory has various pellet mills and you can use them for making different types of fertilizers.

Fertilizer crusher for sale | High-quality and efficient

Tongda fertilizer crusher machines for organic fertilizer production lines Before composting process: Some organic materials need to be crushed before they go through the composting process.Thus, there is a important point that you should know: dry organic materials and wet organic materials ought to be processed by different fertilizer crusher machines.

China Disc Granulator Production Line factory and

Mixing can be a horizontal mixer or a double -shaft mixer, it depends on the output. The crushing system mainly depends on wetness of the material, and it is generally used a semi-wet material crushing machine. Granulation system is disc granulator Drying system: including dryer, induced draft fan, hot blast stove, dust removal equipment, heat source can be: coal, electricity, gas, it can be

NPK Fertilizer Production Characteristics and Granular

The granular fertilizer made by fertilizer granulating machine is more suitable for large-scale mechanized application and reduces labor force. Compound fertilizer has few by-components, and its nutrients are basically needed by crops, which can avoid adverse effects on soil.

NPK compound fertilizer granulator adopts extrusion

The crushed fine powder can be transported through NPK fertilizer production line and returned to the machine for granulation, and the large particles can be returned to the crusher for crushing. Because of the low moisture content of the product of the double roller fertilizer

Compost shredder machine | Features & Application

In organic fertilizer production line, semi-wet material crusher can convert composted organic waste into uniform particles. On the one hand, you can use crushed compost to make commercial compost fertilizer.On the other hand, you can produce granular organic fertilizer from crushed compost.

Fertilizer Machines & Production Lines Manufacture/EX

30,000 ton/year granulation production line can make organic wastes into granular fertilizer. Advanced technology, flexible design, high granulation rate, all those advantages make it

Organic fertilizer crushers | organic fertilizer machine

Chain mill crusher is one of the most popular organic fertilizer crusher in bio fertilizer and compost fertilizer production process. It can pulverize kinds of organic waste. Customized Compost Fertilizer and Granular Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant; About Whirlston Machinery.

Fertilizer Machine, Fertilizer Equipment Hengyun

Our company has been specialized in researching and manufacturing fertilizer production lines for ten years. We have a good experience in the development and production of organic fertilizer compound fertilizer equipment, including fermentation equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, granulation equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment, screening equipment, batching

Roller Press Granulator Production Line, fertilizer

Roller Press Granulator Production Line-Global High Quality Organic Granulation Production Line China manufacturers. Fertilizer granulator, compost turning machine, dryer, cooler,screening machine.

Organic fertilizer production equipment/plant | Compost

Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment. In order to produce organic fertilizer pellets, you may adopt granulating equipment. Compared with powdery organic fertilizer production plants, there are more production plants for making granular organic fertilizer. And the manufacturing process is more complex and sophisticated. Crushing

Customized Powder and Granular Organic Fertilizer

Customized Compost Fertilizer and Granular Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant This production line can be used for both powder organic fertilizer and granular fertilizers manufacturing. Powder organic fertilizer production process: composting-crushing-sieving-packaging.

Roller Press Granulator Production Line

If a single product of large granular fertilizer, such as granular potassium fertilizer, granular ammonium sulfate or granular ammonium chloride, is produced, the process is simpler and the investment is further reduced due to the elimination of weighing,

Fertilizer Granulator Machine,granulator machine for

our fertlizer granulator has wide applicaton,not only organic fertilizer granulator,but also NPK compund fertilizer machine with rotary drum granulator, dry granulation equipment with double roller press granulator,wet granulation equipment with pan granulator, disc granulator, flat die granulator,new type organic fertilizer mixing granulator,etc.

Fertilizer Crusher Urea Machine, Fertilizer Crusher Urea

Alibaba offers 291 fertilizer crusher urea machine products. About 2% of these are granulators, 1% are nitrogen fertilizer, and 1% are urea. A wide variety of fertilizer crusher urea machine options are available to you, such as prilled, granular.


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